Saturday, March 28, 2009

Clearing my office and off it goes to Etsy

I am trying to descale the number of fabrics I have been storing. My plan has been, "oh I just love that, I'm going to make something from it" and then...I don't. So I've decided it might be better for me to just try to unload it and sell it from my etsy store :
There are some odd amounts and limited yardage. Some of the styles coordinate well with each other. Clearance bin or not, they are still fabrics which went for over $30/yard at full price. So come give me a looky and see what you can find.

Then trek on to my newest endeavour, ByEveryWord and see how I am working on taking scripture that is near and dear to the heart and presenting it in a new, funky, pop art sort of way.
We've been busy busy busy!