Saturday, November 21, 2009

Next up, Woodland Delight from Paula Prass!

I was thrilled to get the shipping notification that my order of Woodland Delight from the wonderful and talented Paula Prass will be arriving on Monday. I'm so excited that I almost wanted to begin listing it already! But I know from experience not to get ahead of myself. See it before selling it, is what I have to force myself to stick to!

So here is some general info and previews, and next week I'll get the listings for the collection pieces that I personally chose to carry at Fabric Flair. I wish I could have carried the entire series, but the budget doesn't allow that quite yet.

These are the 3 color ways for Woodland Delight.
I especially love the combinations of grey, red, and blue.
I feel like it takes me back, but in a modern way.

And some inspiration to go with it!

Photos are from Paula's personal blog, Show and Tell

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Meadowsweet from Sandi Henderson has arrived!

I am so excited to have this gorgeous and fresh fabric in my shop! Sandi Henderson has done very well this time around (as she always does). This is just so beautiful!

The browns, oranges, and greens are my personal favorites,
but really, what's not to love!

There are 2 colorways and I'm excited to have a bit from each.

On her blog Sandi describes the collection as as fresh, crisp, bright,
and inspired by the sweet things you would find in a meadow.
Photos taken from Sandi's Blog, Portobello Pixie.

Here are a few of my favorites and where you can get them!

Be sure to stop by to see all the great fabrics from this collection listed at Fabric Flair!