Thursday, November 29, 2007

Decorating with Color for the Holidays

Holiday decorating can easily take on a life of it's own and with so many different themes and colors available, it may be difficult to choose a direction. Very much like choosing a color scheme for your home, holiday color choices also evoke a specific mood or atmosphere. Here are a few ideas:

White Christmas
Is there anything as peaceful as gently falling snow on Christmas Eve? Anyone can come home to a winter wonderland! The simplest way of creating your own White Christmas is to swap out traditional red decorations with white. For example, exchange red pointsettias for soft white ones. To avoid dull, flat decor, think texture. Consider trimming the tree with soft white feather boa garlands. Make it sparkle by using clear or white glass or crystal ornaments. Decorate simple ball ornaments with frills and glitter. Use greenery and natural materials, like twigs and leaves, throughout the house to add contrast and color to the winter landscape.
Seeing Red
Red is a classic Christmas color and it adapts easily throughout the seasons. But think beyond Santa's red velvet pants. Consider a less traditional holiday fabric, such as red toile. Red toile stockings hung from the mantle could coordinate with red toile ribbon on the Christmas tree. Holly berry branches and cranberry sprays add a touch of natural class to any centerpiece, wreath, or garland.

Pretty in Pink
Pink is certainly not a traditional holiday color. But why not have fun or play off a room's year round decor? Mix soft pinks with icy silver, white, and glass to really make a statement. Spray branches with silver paint and stretch across the mantle. Add white candles in glass hurricanes and pretty pink ornaments to complete the look. Trim the tree with crystal and pearlescent ornaments and beads. Mix with naturally pinkish white seashells.

The Golden Years
Gold makes other colors in your holiday decorating more bold and vibrant. It can be accented with white, green, or red. Red and gold are a classic, warm holiday combination. Today's reds and golds vary significantly from their ancestors. Golds are tending to include an array of coppers and bronzes. Red are bolder, juicier, and tend run anywhere from berry to grape. Pair red and gold to set the stage for an opulant Christams dinner. Rich red table linens with gold/bronze chargers and hurricane candle holders give holiday entertaining a luxurious warm feeling.

Icy Silver and Blue
This color scheme is in strong contrast to the previous red and gold holiday decor. The cool elegance of blues, lilacs, and silver can be a refreshing change from the traditional holiday red and green. This color scheme works exceptionally well when the normal color scheme in your home is cool or contemporary. Iced and silver branches, jeweled ornaments, pretty blue table linens or ribbons , silver and blue beaded garlands all help to bring this Christmas color scheme together.
Remember when choosing a color scheme for your Christmas decorating, it is important to keep your home's year round color scheme in mind. Draw on colors and fabrics that you use everyday for inspiration. If you love warm colors, stick with a Christmas scheme that draws from that warmth. If your home is cool, then keep with either the coolor blue and silver or winter white color schemes. Regardless of what color scheme you choose for your holiday season, remember to keep decorating fun!


  1. Great ideas! I love the retro pink!!

  2. When I saw pink and red at Pier 1 last year, I was skeptical. But it does look good if it works with your decor!

  3. A wonderful post, thank you! I'll decorate for the holidays this weekend and I have tons of ideas now :-)