Monday, August 24, 2009

Decorating with Color: Black and White are Colors Too

Previously we discussed that the use of color when decorating can be an important and personal choice and that we really needn't fear using it. One thing, however, that I feel I neglected to mention is that black and white are colors too.

Once again, I'm going to mention that the misuse of white in a room typically occurs when the only thing that is actually white, are the walls. They do not look intentional. Typically it looks purely like we couldn't choose a color so we left the walls white. A great color palette comes from the repetition of whatever colors we choose, but most importantly, white. That being said, I want to move on to talking about decorating with black and white.

Black and white can be a strong, contrasting color statement. It can be bold, contemporary, and have a lot of energy. Strong geometric patterns are sure to make visitors stop in awe.

But perhaps your taste is more traditional. You love the beautiful contrast but want to lose some of that strong, bold statement. that certainly doesn't mean that you have to give up this palette. Your choices are going to be less graphic and perhaps less obvious. This photo demonstrates a somewhat restrained use of black and white.

This photo strikes strikes me as more of an eclectic look. It seems to have items that have been collected over time and much of the room's owner's personality is interjected throughout the space. The decor feels updated and modern, yet has a slight art decor period feel to me.

One of my favorite decorating techniques when using black and white, is choosing one color that really stands out in the room. This is a great way to use a bright, bold color in a very restrained way. Sometimes 2-3 accent pieces in the color are all that is needed to make quite a statement.

This room might almost be considered boring if it weren't for it's
bold splashes of yellow.
I love this soothing aqua blue and the choice of both modern and
traditional furnishings.

This room starts with a soft grey-blue and interjects bold
choices of black and white pattern.

I love that this room, despite the strong black and white color
choices was warmed up with blues and green,
giving the room a more tropical feel.

Baroque Scroll in White by Studio E

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