Friday, August 21, 2009

Decorating With Color - Don't be afraid!

Yesterday I said that in today's decorating world, anything goes. Granted, there are trends that will make us look back and remember the decade, but we are not as restricted as the "mauve and country blue", "hunter and burgundy", or "avocado green and harvest gold" of the past. Here are a few examples of rooms exploding with color that I found while browsing the Better Homes and Gardens website. I think just about every color of the rainbow can be found among these pictures.

First is the classic white room with beautiful punches of color. In this case, the choice of white for the walls certainly isn't due to a fear of color. It makes for a soothing neutral backdrop against the bright bursts of color. One important thing to note, and what makes these walls work, is that they are not the only white in the room. Too often, homeowners choose to leave their walls white, but then do not repeat that white anywhere else in the room. White works, and can be stunning, but you must repeat it throughout the room.

This room is nearly the exact opposite of the first one. Every single corner is bursting with bright color. Repeating the colors throughout the room is what makes it feel more soothing and less like a jumbled rainbow.

This room demonstrates more restraint, even through the bold color. The palate stays in the warm tones of orange, yellow, and red, and again are repeated throughout the room. A small splash of aqua blue adds interest and a cool contrast.

Compared to the warmth of the previous room, this one is cool and airy. It has a monochromatic feel with it's shades of bluish lavender in light, medium, and dark hues. This is a great choice for a room that gets a lot of sun and heat throughout the day.

This room's ultra urban industrial style is well balance with rich jewel tones. The cool lavender brown walls are warmed up with punches of bold red and orange.
So what do we learn from these pictures? Don't be afraid to use color! Find your favorites and balance throughout the room through repetition and pairing them with classic neutrals.


  1. I love these! I have the first photo saved in my inspiration files!

  2. great post! I'm really loving the color combos...


  3. Looking at great pics like these always makes me want to redecorate my house!