Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Excited!

I have been posting about the upcoming fabrics that will be coming into FabricFlair on Etsy and Fabric Flair on Artfire and I am really excited about them. Here's why. Until now I have been buying up fabric at clearance prices and reselling with not much profit. I have always had limited yardage of everything I carry.

But, my first 2 actual bolts arrived today! It has been the first tangible step (other than a credit card bill) toward moving to the next level. Thus far I have been kinda playing with different fabric types, seeing what sells and what doesn't, and overall just becoming educated about this whole wonderful textile world.

I received the first 2 bolts from Art Gallery Fabrics, the first 2 of many from them and several other fabric manufacturers. They are from the original Alhambra collection by Patricia Bravo, and I can't wait until October to get in the Alhambra II line! I haven't been able to find any names for these fabrics and it's making me nuts. I think Art Gallery must have only numbered them early on, and are naming the later collections.

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