Saturday, November 21, 2009

Next up, Woodland Delight from Paula Prass!

I was thrilled to get the shipping notification that my order of Woodland Delight from the wonderful and talented Paula Prass will be arriving on Monday. I'm so excited that I almost wanted to begin listing it already! But I know from experience not to get ahead of myself. See it before selling it, is what I have to force myself to stick to!

So here is some general info and previews, and next week I'll get the listings for the collection pieces that I personally chose to carry at Fabric Flair. I wish I could have carried the entire series, but the budget doesn't allow that quite yet.

These are the 3 color ways for Woodland Delight.
I especially love the combinations of grey, red, and blue.
I feel like it takes me back, but in a modern way.

And some inspiration to go with it!

Photos are from Paula's personal blog, Show and Tell

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