Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Checking in and Checking up!

I have been working hard on discounting fabrics in FabricFlair this week.  Just about everything is on sale or closing out.  You couldn't get better deals on the fabrics that I have to offer you right now!

One thing I suffer from at this point in time, is that I have not accrued enough earnings to have the buying power that my competitors do, and therefore offer both quantity and selection.  I have to be choosy about what I bring into my shop.  I work very hard to scour the web looking for the best deals for both me and my customers.

I also want to always be able to provide the type of selection that helps crafters of any type find something they love.  There are fabrics listed at FabricFlair that are suitable for everything from baby blankets to upholstery....and everything in between!

So stop by and check out the sale...and tell a friend!

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