Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bad, Bad, Bath! Take 3

So here we are living with the knowledge that even though we budgeted time and money to redo 1 bathroom, we now had to do 2 bathrooms.  At least we don't have to rush to complete the guest bathroom.  It gets used rarely.

We had chosen a beautiful travertine tile that we are absolutely love.  We also wanted to install radiant heat under the tile because we have some heating issues on that side of the house.  Our tile guy laid out the wire mesh mats and things seemed to be working out well.  However, after a few hours of trying to figure out how to set the thermostat with my husband's assistance, he realized that he wasn't supposed to cut the mat.  He had trimmed off the excess mat and now the wires couldn't complete their loop (whatever that means).  In turn, he needed to buy a special patch kit so that he could fix it.

So this puts a delay on completing the floor.  He is able to do the walls in the meantime, and they turned out beautifully.  We redesigned the shower and added half walls to give it a more closed in feeling.  With the detailed tile work and our design, things were moving along and turning out even better than we had hoped.  The shower pan was now installed properly and our water problems should be at an end.

SHOULD have been at an end...

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