Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad, Bad, Bath!

So in the midst of opening 2 new Etsy shops, ByEveryWord and Fabric Flair, we have had a major bathroom renovation project going on.  Let's just say, some things just never quite work out like you plan.

Months ago, maybe in the beginning of February, we decided we were going to redo our bathroom.  When we moved in we weren't very fond of the previous owners choices and we suspected that there might be a leak or something causing water damage in the shower pan.  So we decided to change all the tile.

Once we decided, I began taking down the ugly pink wall paper, which I wish I still had a photo of but lost on our last computer.  I decided I hated having to look at the bright walls through all the glass of the shower, and moved to our guest bathroom.  It was nice having my own bathroom, not sharing with my husband.  It was warm, it was pretty, it was great...for a while.

At the end of March the tile guy came to begin tearing out the old tile.  Well, low and behold it turns out that there was serious water damage occurring under the tile and that our subfloor was rotting away.  Mind you this is a 6 year old house.  Well, that was problem number one.

Here are some photos while I keep you in suspense. (keep your screen wide to see them matched up with the captions.

ugly lights and cabinets     bottom of ugly cabinets               weird tile floor pattern    shower with stupid
                                         & part of ugly tile and pattern      & no tub                         shelf and seat, boring

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