Friday, May 8, 2009

Bad, Bad, Bath! Take 4

One late night after the tiling was complete and we were at a standstill because we were waiting for the shower doors to be shipped, we guessed it...another water problem.

Jason's closet is just outside the bathroom door.  We discovered that the carpet inside was sopping wet.  So Jason takes yet another trip down to the crawl space to check things out.  He finds a steady drip that appears to be coming from one of the pipes that leads up through the wall to either the shower head or the body sprays.  PANIC!

Why is the pipe behind the newly tiled wall leaking??  Why is the water spreading under the tile, across the floor, and into Jason's closet??  At 11pm, one doesn't expect to find answers to these questions easily.  Jason immediately called the contractor and left a message, and then turned off the water main to the house for the night to try to prevent further damage.

Problem solved...the contractor came back first thing in the morning and discovered that the water problem in Jason's closet was likely due to the amount of water he used to clean the tile the previous day.  Sounds like quite a bit of water to me, but that's what he said it was.  The dripping was caused by one of the body sprays.  None of the fittings were back on yet, and there was a small steady drip from the pipe directly down into the crawl space.  Easy fix, put the fitting on, and no more water leakage.

We ended the day feeling good that there were no major problems (our worst fear being that the shower would need to be torn apart to find the leak) but a little more frazzled and worse for wear.

Then I began to do the walls... 

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