Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bad, Bad, Bath! Take2


When our construction worker,
who is absolutely wonderful 
by the way, tore up all the old 
tile, he found our worst nightmare lying beneath.  There was so much water damage that
 the flooring looked like it should be what you'd find in a house about 100 years older!  Had we gone on much longer, we likely would have fallen straight through the subfloor and
 down into our crawl space.  The water damage was also so bad that we needed to have part of a load bearing beam replaced.  So our wall could have come down too!  

So here we are, happy that we decided to have this done when we did,  and reassuring ourselves that it wasn't out of vanity or that we didn't like it, there were going to be serious problems had it stayed that way.

But, our little vacation away from home, within our home, is disrupted, because now there is evidence that the other shower pan was installed the same as the first INCORRECTLY.  So in order to avoid further damage in that shower, we moved into our son's bathroom.  A dire inconvenience for all of us because now his bathroom is just full of mommy's and daddy's no touches, and we don't have anywhere to put anything that he won't get into.  

So you got it!  Some things stay in the guest bathroom and some have gone to his bathroom.  The GBr is in between the 2 bathrooms so we feel like we have some sort of refugee camp set up with all of our worldly belongings strewn through 3 rooms.  Opps!  4 if you count that we are now just leaving our clothing stored in the washer and dryer rather than taking all the way back to the bedroom time has seemingly forgot.

And the beat goes on..stay tuned for part 3

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